Learning Lately

Reading: We finished up working on learning the name, sound, and formation of v and w this week. We began learning about x and y and will finish those letters up next week. We continued working on making connections as we read. We read about a variety of fall holidays and made connections to our own life as well as noticing connections between the holidays.

Writing: We continued to work on doing our best spelling by saying the word slowly and writing a letter for every sound we hear. We learned that we do not have to worry about spelling every word correctly, just try our best. We also made birthday cards for Dr. Majerus.

Math: We continued working on sorting by attributes and the attributes of different shapes. We also practiced writing numbers.

Science and Social Studies: We enjoyed a Mystery Science video about why leaves change color in the fall. We read about a variety of fall holidays (some are in the fall this year but not every year depending on the lunar calendar) such as Diwali, Halloween, Trung Thu, and Day of the Dead. We will continue learning about fall holidays next week as well.