Learning Lately

A short post for a short week!

Reading: We read and discussed several books on the theme of thankfulness as well as some super silly Thanksgiving books. We practiced the name, sound, and formation of x and y.

Writing: We wrote about a friend from our class we are thankful for and what we like about them. We also took some of our writing and reading time to make fabulous hats inspired by the book Thelonius Turkey lives on Felicia Ferguson’s Farm.

Math: We continued developing our understanding of numbers with dot card Top it as well as exploring calculators, how they work and how we can use them to represent numbers in a different way. We also made a graph of our favorite colors.

Science and Social Studies: We focused on the concept of thankfulness this week. We also were “detective historians” and learned real facts about Thanksgiving and its history from this cool site. We talked about how the traditional story of Thanksgiving is a pretend story or a myth and that there was a special gathering in 1621 but it was not the start of friendship between the English and the Native Americans. At this age, the history of Native Americans after Europeans arrived in North America is not developmentally appropriate because it is too gruesome. At the same time it is important to present even very young children with truthful history that tells the story of all the ethnic groups involved. I would encourage you to take a look at the website if you get a chance-it is pretty interesting!