Learning Lately

Reading- We wrapped up z and qu this week. We also practiced reading the sight words at and not. We also began echo reading the entire sight word list so the kids can get some general practice reading sight words. Much of our work in guided reading groups involved practicing the sight words that were specific to the book each group was reading. The focus of each guided reading group is tailored to the skills of the kids in that group but most groups worked on previewing the book by looking at the pictures before reading, making predictions, reading independently or reading with support, using the pictures to help figure out words and retelling after reading.

Writing- We worked on completing a personal narrative from start to finish. This involves thinking and planning, drawing, adding details, labeling, coloring and writing a sentence. We also worked on making sure our personal narrative was a true story from our life and that our pictures and words show who, what, and where. This is all review but it is difficult for the kids to accomplish so many different things. We needed more practice sticking with our writing until it is truly finished.

Math- We worked on teen numbers this week by practicing identifying teens, ordering teens, and counting quantities in the teens. We continued practicing writing numbers and some of the kids are learning to write their numbers all the way to 100. We also worked on building hexagons using other shapes.

Science and Social Studies- Our cool tool was about tone of voice this week. We enjoyed a mystery science video about why the sky is blue. We began learning about germs and how to sneeze into a tissue or our elbow to keep cold germs to ourselves. We also learned about the importance of hand washing!