Learning Lately

Reading- We learned about long and short vowel sounds this week and that vowels can say the short sound we already learned and their name. We continued practicing the digraph sounds we learned last week (sh, th, wh, ck, ch). We also worked on using “tapping” to help us say each sound and blend them together to read words. We are working on reading simple consonant-vowel-consonant words like mop or rug. We continued practicing reading sight words and playing games in which we break sounds in words apart and put them together in various ways.

Writing- We wrapped up our personal narrative unit this week and wrote our very best personal narrative as our writing assessment. Then we took some time to write whatever type of writing we wanted like pretend stories!

Math-We hit teens hard this week as well as introducing the symbols + and =. We have worked on the concepts behind these symbols for a long time and are now tying the kids knowledge to the symbol.

Science and Social Studies- Our cool tool was about getting adults attention appropriately. We enjoyed a mystery science video about what happens when we get the hiccups. We also read about Dr. King and the civil rights movement.

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