Learning Lately

Reading- We continued practicing our long and short vowel sounds as well as our digraph sounds. We are focusing on using all we know about sounds to blend sounds together to read words as well as break a word into individual sounds to spell words. We have been practicing these skills orally through sound games all year and now we are connecting it to real reading and real spelling. It is an exciting time!

Writing-We continued free choice writing this week. We also wrote a silly story where we imagined we had 100 of something and what we would do.

Math-We continued working on addition this week. We worked on number writing and children who are ready are making long number scrolls that go past 100! We also played some games related to the number 100 for the 100th day of school!

Science and Social Studies- Our cool tool was about asking for help. We enjoyed a mystery science video about the invention of football.

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