Learning Lately

Reading- We learned about how stories are structures this week by learning about characters. We continued practicing our long and short vowel sounds as well as our digraph sounds. We are focusing on using all we know about sounds to blend sounds together to read words as well as break a word into individual sounds to spell words.

Writing-We began our information writing unit. We are learning to write “teaching books” that teach facts and information to others. We continue to work on drawing our story, labeling, and

Math-We continued working on addition this week. We played games to practice addition and writing number models. We began to explore how shapes can be made from other shapes.

Science and Social Studies- Our cool tool was about being responsible. we talked about careers we would like to have in the future and how school helps us learn things we need to know for our future careers. We enjoyed a mystery science video about why the ocean is salty.

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