Learning Lately

Reading: We enjoyed reading nonfiction books this week. We learned about headings, photographs, and captions! Reading groups continued this week focusing on strategies for figuring out words as well as comprehension skills like predicting and making connections. The kids are making so much progress!

Writing: We worked together to write about Pluto. We worked on choosing a nonfiction topic, writing a heading, drawing a realistic picture and labeling. We are working on forming sentences that tell facts about our topic.

Math: We worked on measurement this week by using post it notes to measure our heights to see if we were tall enough to ride a roller coaster. We worked on accurate measuring techniques. We had fun exploring the faces of 3D objects by dipping their faces in paint and stamping them on paper. We also continued our work with addition and subtraction.

Science/Social Studies: We began our Living and Nonliving unit by learning about what animals need to live. We enjoyed a Mystery Science video about Pluto.