Learning Lately

Reading- We got back into our nonfiction reading this week. We practiced reading to learn new facts and information. We shared facts we learned as we read each page and recorded them on a chart. We continue to work on letter sounds especially vowels and letters the kids easily get mixed up like p,b,d and q. We practiced tapping words with digraphs like th, sh, ch, wh, and ck.

Writing- We worked hard to tell 3 facts about our topic this week. We continue to work on neatness, spelling, word spaces, capitalization and punctuation. We also learned how to add a sound lead at the beginning of our writing, and an ending after our facts.

Math- We had a busy week in math playing lots of games like Hiding Bears and Growing and Disappearing Train to practice addition and subtraction. We are working on building a deep understanding of the processes of adding and subtracting so the kids really understand what these terms mean as opposed to following a procedure to find an answer.

Science/Social studies- Our Mystery Science video was about how magicians trick people! Our cool tool was about the upcoming Timber wolf Talent Show. We learned a lot about nutrition this week as well. We had a concert from the Mother Singers and guest readers from the Mizzou Soccer team!