Learning Lately

Reading- We are continuing to practice memorization of sight words. We keep reviewing vowel sounds and digraphs. We are working on hearing long and short vowel sounds this week. We are working on putting all the pieces of reading together to help us read independently.

Writing-We began our opinion writing unit. We wrote about our favorite animals and our favorite foods. We are working on telling what we like and reasons why we like it. We also wrote an opinion pieces as a class about why we like Mrs. Rhodes’ class (our buddy class). The kids used their best handwriting to make an invitation for you to the Kindergarten Celebration!

Math- We continued our work with addition, subtraction and seeing relationships between numbers. Math games like roll and record as well as making bracelets with different bead combinations were fun ways to practice these skills. We also applied our sorting and counting skills to count our money from the penny drive!

Science/Social studies- We learned about force and motion concepts this week such as pushes, pulls, fiction, and collisions! We also got to spend time with the chicks that 3rd grade hatched. Our cool tool this week was about the importance of attendance.