Learning Lately

Reading- We are reviewing lots of important concepts we have learned throughout the year. This week we focused on remembering what we read to retell the story. We reviewed making connections as well. Each week we continue to work on tapping words, vowel sounds, and digraph sounds. This week we also introduced consonant blends like bl or sl.

Writing-We wrote our opinions about what games, snacks, puzzles or coloring books to buy for Columbia Manor. We shared our writing and voted for our best ideas. We worked on completing all the components of opinion writing independently such as draw and label, tell your opinion, tell 3 reason why, write an ending, write neatly, use word spaces, do your best spelling, and use capitals and punctuation. What a challenge! The kids are doing really well with it!

Math- We continued playing games to help us break numbers apart, put them together and understand the relationships in addition and subtraction. We also worked on coin identification. The kids have had a lot of practice counting pennies and other coins throughout our penny drive.

Science/Social studies- Our Mystery science video was about black holes! We learned a lot about nutrition with our field trip to Hy Vee as well.

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