Learning Lately

Reading- We focused on the name, sound, and formation of m and n this week. We played sound games to help us break apart and put sounds together which are essential skills for reading. We enjoyed reading independently from our book boxes and practiced staying focused! The class was able to read for 5 minutes! Wow!

Writing- We worked on adding a background to our pictures to show where the story is happening. We learned about getting and using supplies for writing independently. We worked on writing the whole time and staying focused on our work.

Math: We continued our work with counting with fun games like “count and sit”. Sharky the shark puppet helped us learn about numbers 0-3. We are working on building concepts of what numbers truly mean. We also made a class birthday timeline.

Science/ Social Studies- We continued to learn about school routines. We learned about feelings and how to use feeling buddies to help us handle big feelings. We also learned how to use the safe seat and buddy room appropriately. We took a nature walk and watched a Mystery Science video about Pluto. We also studied a walking stick I found inside the school and put it back outside in nature!

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