Learning Lately

Reading- We focused on the name, sound, and formation of c and o this week. We practiced writing sentences as a group and counting syllables in 2 syllable words. We continued to play sound games to help us break apart and put sounds together which are essential skills for reading. We read and discussed The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We also began literacy stations this week. The kids are enjoying a variety of activities that help them learn about reading and writing. As the children are able to participate in their stations independently, I will be able to work with small groups of children on reading skills each child needs.

Writing- We worked on following our checklist of steps to write which includes: put my name at the top, think and plan, draw with pencil first and show who, what, and where. We also read the book Ish by Peter H Reynolds which showed us we don’t have to be perfect but we can “think ishly”. “Thinking ishly” is a silly way of saying we try our best even if it is hard and that is how we learn and grow.

Math: We continued our work with counting.  Sharky the shark puppet helped us learn about numbers 8-9. We worked on describing shapes using words like straight, pointy, round, curves, sides, and corners. We also learned about repeating patterns and growing patterns. We played a fun game called Dot Match Up which is like memory using cards that show numbers with different patterns of dots.

Science/ Social Studies- We enjoyed a Mystery Science video about the biggest apple in the world. We learned 6 rules of living things to help us refine our understanding of living and nonliving. We applied the 6 rules we learned to a plant and figured out it was living!

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