Learning Lately

Reading- We focused on the name, sound, and formation of a and o this week. We practiced writing sentences as a group and counting syllables in 2 syllable words. We continued to play sound games to help us break apart and put sounds together which are essential skills for reading. We read and discussed non fiction books about fall.

Writing- We added, “write about something we care about” to our writing checklist this week. We read the book In My Heart by Molly Bang and thought about all the people and things in our own hearts. We made a class heart map listing topics we care about that we could write about. Each Monday we have a “sharing circle” in which the children have a turn to share about their weekend. Telling stories aloud helps the kids develop skills they will use to tell stories on paper.

Math: We played Dot Top It to practice comparing numbers to see which number is biggest or smallest and which numbers are equal. We continued describing shapes and learning about triangles. We played games to develop concepts we will need for addition and subtraction later on like the number board and pocket problems.

Science/ Social Studies- We enjoyed a Mystery Science video about if dolphins and sharks can have babies. We pretended to be quail, raccoons, and woodpeckers and learned that animals do different behaviors to find food! We also had a cool tool (school wide behavior lesson) about how to behave at an assembly.

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