Learning Lately

Reading- We focused on the name, sound, and formation of x and y this week. We are practicing the sight words we, the, a, and I. We continued to play sound games to help us break apart and put sounds together which are essential skills for reading.

Writing- We learned about using paper with a picture spot and a line for a sentence. We are working on getting beginning and ending sounds in the labels and words we write.

Math: We continued working on number formation. We also worked on representing numbers in different ways. We practiced position words like on, behind, beside, in front of, and between. We also compared the length of objects around the room and described them as longer or shorter than our reference object.

Science/ Social Studies- We enjoyed a Mystery Science video about constellations. We learned what plants and animals need and how they change the environment to get what they need. We also read about community helpers. Our cool tool this week was about the Pledge of Allegiance and Veterans’ Day!

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