Learning Lately

Here is what we have been learning lately…

Reading: We practiced the names, sounds, and formation of the letters t, b, and f. We learned about sentences and practiced pointing at each word as we read. We also learned about the many literacy work stations the kids will participate in to help them become better readers and writers.


Writing: We practiced people this week. We looked at the shape of each part of the body, drew those shapes, and added details like hair, clothing, and ears. We also learned that writing is telling a story using paper, crayons and other tools instead of using our voices.


Math: We made collections of the numbers 0-4, and explored where numbers are used all around us. We practiced counting as well.

Science and Social Studies: We learned about germs and proper hand washing this week. We continue working on school social skills the children need throughout the day like voice levels for certain activities, taking turns, and raising hands.