Learning Lately

Reading: We are reading and spelling so many words and working hard to hear all the sounds in a word! Vowel sounds can be tricky! We are working on hearing short and long vowel sounds in words as well. We continue to work on memorizing sight words and applying that knowledge to reading and writing. We read some important books about Dr. King this week as well.

Writing: We wrapped up personal narrative this week and wrote our very best personal narratives. I will be sharing that writing with you at parent teacher conferences later this month. Next week we will start informational writing.

Math: We went on a shape walk around the school and found so many shapes to draw. We also practice 10 frame “quick looks” to see numbers quickly (rather than count everything by ones) so the kids develop a sense of how larger numbers are made up of combinations of smaller numbers.

Science and Social Studies: We had some interesting weather discussions this week. Our cool tool was about being a problem solver. We learned about Dr. King’s important work by reading books and watching videos to hear Dr. King speak and see what the March on Washington was like. We also briefly discussed the history that led to the need for civil rights work and how we can help continue Dr. King’s work today.

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