Learning Lately

Reading: We are working hard to spell and read words on our own. We learned when to use C (when a,o, u follows the /c/ sound) and when to use K (when i or e follows the /c/ sound). We practiced the sounds of th, sh, wh, and ck as well. We have been reading non fiction texts to learn about rabbits this week. We also are learning about non fiction text features.

Writing: We are writing non fiction books about bunnies! The kids are telling 3 facts about bunnies with pictures and sentences. They are working hard to draw and write neatly as well as do their best spelling.

Math: In math this week we continued practicing addition using the plus symbol and the equals symbol. We put shapes together in different ways to make new shapes. We practiced comparing and ordering objects by length.

Science and Social studies: We learned tons of facts about bunnies!

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