Learning Lately

Reading: We are working hard to spell and read words on our own. We continue to practice digraphs and applying them to reading and spelling words. We continue to practice sight words as well.

Writing: We are wrapping up our non fiction unit. We are fine tuning all the skills we have learned over the past few weeks and working to be able to complete a non fiction piece independently. The kids are making a cover with a title, drawing pictures, labeling, telling 3 facts and adding a simple ending. The kids are using neat handwriting, word spaces, capitals, and punctuation. I am so proud of all they have learned.

Math: In math this week we continued practicing addition using the plus symbol and the equals symbol and the minus symbol. We continue to play math games to practice our addition and subtraction skills. We are practicing the names and attributes of 2d and 3d shapes.

Science and Social studies: We learned about force and motion this week! We learned about pushes, pulls, force, motion, friction and ramps. We also learned about germs and hand washing skills

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