Library Organizing 

Reading is a huge focus of kindergarten. Not only will we focus on how to read, but also why we read. We will read of the fun and joy of reading as well as read to learn. We have already set the tone to love books and reading by reading fun and silly books the first few days of school. 

Another activity we did to promote books is organizing our classroom library. This familiarized the children with how the library books are organized so they will be able to find books they find interesting! Our library is organized by categories such as animals, silly stories, friendship, adventure, and science. Each basket has a label and each book that goes in that basket has a matching label.

I removed all the books from the baskets and mixed them up in advance. Then the kids helped sort the books and put them in the  correct basket. The kids had fun finding the correct baskets and also looking at many of the books in our library. Some kids got distracted from sorting because they were so interested in reading the books! Love that! My photos show how quick and excited the kids were- everyone is a blur!