Literacy Stations!

Today we finally got to start literacy stations! The kids have been learning about each station that will help us become better readers and writers. Our stations include art, storytelling, finger play, puzzles, writing, magnets, tablets, names, words, class library, and buddy reading. Our stations and the activities within them with shift and change throughout the school year and become more challenging. After the kids can work independently in stations, I will begin teaching small group reading lessons so each child can work on the reading skills they need to progress as readers.

Today we went to our first station and practiced some of our work time expectations. 

Our expectations are:

  1. Get started quickly.
  2. Stay in your spot.
  3. Work the whole time.
  4. Let others work.
  5. Use a quiet voice.
  6. Problem solve or raise your hand.

Here are the children practicing getting started quickly and staying in our spots.