Makers’ Space: Paper Towers

This week we visited Mrs. Schoelz in the library for our first Makers’ Space. Our lesson/activity/exploration was super open-ended and problem solving oriented. Mrs. Schoelz and I got to apply the “grandmother principle” and admire our little learners at work. I am so in love with the learning process Mrs. Schoelz used because it kindly put the thinking responsibility on the shoulders of the children.

We began by setting our challenge…making a tower that goes up to our waist using paper?!?!!  

The kids were a bit surprised by the challenge but they naturally are not too burdened by preconceived notions about what is possible. They happily set to work after Mrs. Schoelz provided a few behavior expectations to keep the kids safe and focused. 

After the kids had some time to work and limited success in terms of tower height, Mrs. Schoelz gather them back around the SMART Board to show them images of other people’s paper towers. 

  Armed with new strategies, the kids went back to work. Some tried out new ideas. And many optimistically continued their old strategies. 




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