Math Resources

In order for children to grow and develop their mathematical thinking, they need to engage in a variety of activities over time. One way to achieve this is using interactive activities on the computer. Listed below are several websites that provide an opportunity for children to engage in important mathematics. You and your child may want to check these out together to determine what is an appropriate developmental match for your child. – top pick – one of the best look at carefully; it’s British so some activities may not be suitable because the units are different lists many links, some are appropriate for young children some are not; look at carefully lots of text; will need adult support lots of links to other websites; be cautious and check out the site before your child does
These (AND MANY MORE) can be found by searching for interactive mathematics websites for young children. In your child’s folder this week will be an informational note on how to access Everyday Math games that correspond to our math curriculum.