Mini Lesson: Reading at Home + Resources

There are so many ways for kids to practice reading! Reading on a daily basis is one of the most important things you can do to help your child improve as a reader. Reading at home can be tricky for beginning readers and their families because the books you have may not match your child’s current reading skills.

Here are a couple of resources for printable books your child can read independently.

Book Builder– I have not used this personally but another Beu teacher uses it for her own kids and has had a good experience. You can make personalized books to print for your child.

Hubbard’s Cupboard Printable Sight Word Books– This is a home school sight with printable books and activities. It does have some religious resources (just FYI) that would be appropriate for some home school situations but not public school.

Hubbard’s Cupboard Printable Word Family Books


Here are a few ideas for how to have your child read with books that they are not able to read yet. This would be many of your average picture books. 

  • Look at the pictures and make up the story or retell the story.
  • Go on a “letter hunt” or “sight word hunt” and have your child scan the text for a specific letter or sight words.
  • Read aloud to your child, pointing to each word, and stop on words you know they can read like sight words.
  • Echo Read- You read a short phrase or sentence while pointing to each word. Have your child point and echo your reading.

As always, it is also great for your child to listen to you read to them! You can also have them log in to the CPS portal and listen to things being read to them on Pebble Go!


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