Mini Lesson: Think, Draw, Label, Write

In this video I model the writing process of thinking, drawing, labeling, and writing. This is the process the children should follow as they write. Most children need to draw their thoughts first at this point in their writing development. Some children may prefer to write sentences first, then go back to draw and label and that is fine if it works well for them. Most children are able to write more than one sentence at this point in the school year.

You can show this video once when you do the writing part of your packet or repeat it if your child needs a reminder of what to do when it is writing time.

We would be beginning our opinion writing unit if we were at school. Here are a few topic ideas for your child to write about in case you need them.

Favorite snack

Favorite game

Favorite toy

Favorite clothes

Favorite movie character

Favorite book

Favorite pet

Favorite animal

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