Next Week’s Learning Goals

Letter name, sound, and formation of “i” and “u”
Writing first name
Saying a word slowly and writing the sounds you hear
Using alphabet chart and words around the room as a resource for spelling
Writing a “teaching book” using pictures and words or letter labels
Rhyming words
Reading for a purpose (fun, learning…)
Finding letters we know in books
Sequencing (first, next, last)

Identifying 2D and 3D shapes
Describing and modeling with objects a shapes position (on, behind, under…)
Numbers 1-5 ( counting, identifying numeral…)
Pointing to and counting objects
Rote counting to 20

Growth Mindset (brains grow, anyone can learn, intelligence is not fixed)
Working with a quiet voice
Being friendly
Stopping when someone asks you to stop

Please remember that many of these objectives are works in progress and will not be mastered in just one week. We will continue to work on many of these goals throughout the school year. If you have specific questions about your child’s progress on a particular goal, feel free to email me at

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