Stomach Bug!

The stomach bug has hit our school! We are cleaning and sanitizing to help prevent the spread of germs as much as we can. Please help us by keeping your child home if they throw up or have a fever. Your child must be fever free and symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school to avoid infecting others.

Thank you!

Serve Others

We are continuing our work with applying Dr. King’s legacy to our own life and actions. We began a service project in order to help others. The kids made cards to send to people in a nursing home to help brighten their day. We looked at pictures of the nursing home my grandma-in-law lives in and discussed how getting a card might help an older person.
The kids worked hard to make their cards beautiful and cheerful!





Chain of Kindness

Our class is making a chain of kindness to keep track of all the kind acts that happen in our classroom. We learned about the feeling of happiness and how to help develop the feeling in ourselves and others.
Whenever we notice a kind act, we write our name on a strip of paper and put it in the basket. As a class we add each strip to our chain and the children have a chance to share some of the kind acts they have noticed?



What is a Cool Tool?

You may (I hope!) hear your child mention our “Cool Tool”. If not, please feel free to ask your child what our cool tool is this week.
Our weekly cool tool is a skill or concept related to Russell’s Raven Rules. The cool tools are lessons that are taught each week in every classroom in our school. The Positive Behavior Support Committee chooses and creates the cool tools based on the behaviors we observe from the children in our school. The goal of cool tools is to help all student build social skills and learn how we expect them to behave at school. Cool tools also help all the teachers have positive and consistent expectations of all students.
This week our cool tool is Tell the Truth! The children practice truth telling in different scenarios and learn reasons why it might be hard to tell the truth but also why it is important.
This week we also have an extra cool tool in our classroom inspired by the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. which is “believe in yourself”. We have been reminding ourselves ” You are as good as anybody!” Just like Martin’s mom reminded him.


Time for Kids Campaign

The kids are bringing home a Time for Kids packet today. These packets are how our school funds our Time for Kids reading material. When students fill out the packets with addresses our school gets credits for Time for Kids reading materials.

If your family chooses to participate, please fill out your packet with addresses of friends, family, coworkers, or neighbors.

Thank you!

Studying Dr. King

Today we began learning about Dr. King and why we have a holiday devoted to his legacy. We watched a video of the book Martin’s Big Words, which gave us an overview of Dr. King’s work in the Civil Rights Movement. The kids were outraged by the Jim Crow Laws and signs. They were also very upset that Dr. King was killed. The book mentioned his assassination briefly and was not graphic in any way.
The kids were also moved by Martin’s peaceful perseverance even when things were hard.
We ended our lesson by all joining hands no matter what we look like just like Martin talked about in his I Have a Dream speech.


In order to learn more from Dr. King and connect his actions and philosophy to our everyday life we will have Dr. King Cool Tools. This week we are learning to believe in ourselves by telling ourselves “you are as good as anyone”, just like Martin’s mom told him.


Aquarium help?

I am having trouble with our fish tank filter and the tank staying clean. If anyone has some aquarium knowledge and wouldn’t mind helping me trouble shoot please send me an email or stop by the classroom. Thanks!


We began a new math unit this week on measurement. Our learning objectives focus on comparing the length or weight of objects and measuring with non standard units like blocks.
Today we explored the concepts of longer and shorter with by using an unsharpened pencil as our measuring tool. The kids to learned to line up the bottom edges of their measuring tools and the objects they are measuring and compare their overall length. The kids also practiced sharing their discoveries using complete sentences like, “my pencil is shorter than the book.”
Here are a few pictures of the little lovelies measuring away.