Next Week’s Learning Goals

Letter name, sound, and formation of “i” and “u”
Writing first name
Saying a word slowly and writing the sounds you hear
Using alphabet chart and words around the room as a resource for spelling
Writing a “teaching book” using pictures and words or letter labels
Rhyming words
Reading for a purpose (fun, learning…)
Finding letters we know in books
Sequencing (first, next, last)

Identifying 2D and 3D shapes
Describing and modeling with objects a shapes position (on, behind, under…)
Numbers 1-5 ( counting, identifying numeral…)
Pointing to and counting objects
Rote counting to 20

Growth Mindset (brains grow, anyone can learn, intelligence is not fixed)
Working with a quiet voice
Being friendly
Stopping when someone asks you to stop

Please remember that many of these objectives are works in progress and will not be mastered in just one week. We will continue to work on many of these goals throughout the school year. If you have specific questions about your child’s progress on a particular goal, feel free to email me at

Russell Outdoor Classroom

Russell has a beautiful outdoor classroom area with a garden, pond, seating areas and a little stage with benches. It’s a great place to extend and enrich the curriculum. Today we learned about our five senses and set off to the outdoor classroom to practice using 4 of our senses to make discoveries! No tasting please!


We found lots of interesting things including some daddy long legs.


A special thanks to Nurse Amy for joining us and helping all friends participate!

Spontaneous Science

A special thank you to Makiya and Jane for bringing in a caterpillar and chrysalis for our class to observe for the day. We enjoyed our visitor and hope he/she has a good life free in Makiya’s yard.

Some of the kids discovered that the butterfly sequencing work we have for literacy matched the real life caterpillar!

Kindergarten Family Picnic

Our kindergarten family picnic is September 23rd at 5:30. All kindergarten families are invited. Please bring a dish to share and chairs or blankets for your family to sit on. We hope to see everyone there! Feel free to RSVP in the comments!

Literacy Work Time

The kids have been industrious this week building their literacy skills. At literacy work time each child can complete activities that enhance their skills as readers and writers. Some of our work includes letter writing, sequencing, reading, beginning sounds, and letter matching. There are also a variety of activities that helps the kids develop their fine motor skills which are essential for writing. Here are a few pictures of the kids working. They are doing a wonderful job learning to focus and concentrate.







Next Week’s Learning Goals

Next week we will focus on the following learning goals.

Identifying 2-D and 3-D shapes
Memorizing student numbers
Counting to 20

Adding details in our pictures
Labeling with letters and words
Stretching out words to spell
Letter names, sounds, and formation of “n” and “m”
Reading habits (finishing books, rereading, paying attention to the story)

Working independently
Using words to solve conflicts

Bubble Gum Party!

To celebrate earning 50 Behavin’ Ravens, we had a bubble gum party. We chewed gum, tried to blow bubbles, made a graph and sang songs about sticky bubble gum. We also played a math counting game about bubble gum. We had a fun day celebrating our class full of safe, respectful, learners!




Choices, choices, choices

One of the most important factors I consider when planning a day of learning for kindergarteners is choice. Montessori education teaches us that individual liberty is essential for each child to develop their own will. A child who can make his or her own choices is then able to choose to follow rules and voluntarily do what adults ask them.
In other words, children need make lots of choices in order to learn to make positive ones.
Every time an adult offers a child choices, they are helping a child become an independent, thinking individual. For young children, adults are responsible for offering a limited number of age appropriate choices.
There are lots of times when it doesn’t seem possible to give children choices. But experience has shown me that there are more choices to offer than we first realize. For example, when the kids sit on the carpet for a whole group activity they choose a safe way to sit: criss cross or with their legs folded to the side. They choose hands in their laps or on their knees.

I love the proud smiles when the kids get their bodies ready to listen- they sit up a little taller knowing they have made a safe choice with their bodies.

Another time of day that is an opportunity for choice is literacy work time. At this time, there are a variety of activities the kids can work on to promote reading, writing, and fine motor skills. The work is on the shelves, in the library tubs, or in book boxes. The children flow from activity to activity at their own pace. This time of day seems like it could be a free-for-all, but is often one of the most focused and meaningful learning times because the kids choose.