First Day of Summer School

We had a wonderful first day of summer school. We had so many routines to practice like lining up in line order, lunchroom expectations, recess expectations, dismissal procedures! We managed to squeeze in some fun stories, songs, playtime, and alphabet practice as well. The kids had fun decorating their name tags for their seat sacks as well. As the week goes on we will settle into our normal schedule. I’m so proud of the kids’ effort today! There was a lot to take in!

Welcome to Summer School!

The summer school kindergarten team is excited to welcome you and your child to Beulah Ralph Elementary. This summer, we will help your child make the transition to kindergarten through play and learning activities. We are focused on giving your child a positive first experience at school.

Bring the Following…
A backpack without wheels (optional).
A water bottle that does not spill or leak.
A snack for a class of 25 one time during summer school. You can bring this in at your convenience. Snacks need to be non-perishable and require no silverware.
A beach towel for rest time. Your child may also bring a pillow, stuffed animal, or blanket. Anything your child brings will need to fit in his / her cubby.
An extra set of clothes.

Rest Time
While your child is not expected to go to sleep, every child is expected to lie peacefully and quietly during rest time. Calm music and a dark room provide a restful environment for your child.

During summer school, we do spend a lot of time outside. We encourage you to apply sunscreen to your child before coming to school to help prevent sunburn.

We encourage your child to wear closed-toed shoes each day. It is much easier to play on the playground when your shoes aren’t falling off and you aren’t worried about stubbing your toe on the equipment. Make sure outfits are comfortable and play-friendly.

If you need to change your child’s dismissal plans, you must call the office as soon as possible. For your child’s safety, we will not deviate from the dismissal plan unless the office was contacted before 3:00pm. Thank you!

Breakfast is served in the cafeteria from 8:00am-8:20am. If you would like your child to eat breakfast, please get them here as close to 8:00 am as you can so that they have plenty of time to eat.

Summer School Newsletter

Your child will have the opportunity to explore early literacy skills through songs, games, read aloud, poems, and hands on activities. We will introduce letter names, sounds, and formation. We will also practice recognizing and writing first names.

We will explore early math skills through read aloud, songs, games, and hands on activities. We will learn about shapes, counting, and numbers. Your child with also practice their student identification number. They will need to be able to type it in a keypad, on a keyboard, and say it aloud during the school year.

Science/ Social Studies
We will explore a variety of student chosen topics through read aloud, crafts, and journaling activities.

Fine Motor Skills
We will build fine motor skills through craft activities and hands on activities using a variety of materials such as crayons, markers, scissors, and glue. We will work on building hand strength and practice gripping a writing tool appropriately. We will also use journaling, singing songs with actions, and building with blocks to develop fine motor control.

Social Skills
We will focus on building skills for play and friendship, and handling disputes. We will work on using words to ask for what we want and invite others to play. We will also work on building social skills helpful for school success such as walking safely in a line, focusing on our work, and raising hands to speak.

We will have a wonderful summer together, filled with fun and learning!

Last Day!

What a fun last day! I loved celebrating our accomplishments and memories with the children and their families! Thank you again for a wonderful year. I have enjoyed spending my days with each child. I will miss the kids so much!

Before the program we had fun learning about shark teeth! Everyone picked a favorite to take home.

We cheered on the 5th grade students!

We had a little yoga break.

We got ready for the program!

Our program and picnic were a great success! Thank you for coming!

2nd to Last day!

We had a busy 2nd to last day. We cleaned out our book boxes and seat sacks. We also did some fun crafts based on one of our favorite book characters this year, Pigeon!

We also released the butterflies who had emerged from their chrysalis over the weekend.

Kindergarten Memories Video Round Up

We have been making portfolios and memory books this week to reflect on all we have learned and all the fun we had. We also have been watching videos from our earlier adventures this year. Here is a round up of some of the videos we made throughout the school year for your viewing pleasure!

Thank You Notes

As our kindergarten year comes to it’s end as all good things do, we are taking a little time to reflect on our year, what we learned, friends we made and those who helped us. We took some time this afternoon to make special thank you note to an adult at school who helped us this year like a specials teacher, classroom aides, custodians, and principals. The kids had fun making beautiful notes and then delivering them to the adult of choice!