Learning Lately

Reading- We learned about long and short vowel sounds this week and that vowels can say the short sound we already learned and their name. We continued practicing the digraph sounds we learned last week (sh, th, wh, ck, ch). We also worked on using “tapping” to help us say each sound and blend them together to read words. We are working on reading simple consonant-vowel-consonant words like mop or rug. We continued practicing reading sight words and playing games in which we break sounds in words apart and put them together in various ways.

Writing- We wrapped up our personal narrative unit this week and wrote our very best personal narrative as our writing assessment. Then we took some time to write whatever type of writing we wanted like pretend stories!

Math-We hit teens hard this week as well as introducing the symbols + and =. We have worked on the concepts behind these symbols for a long time and are now tying the kids knowledge to the symbol.

Science and Social Studies- Our cool tool was about getting adults attention appropriately. We enjoyed a mystery science video about what happens when we get the hiccups. We also read about Dr. King and the civil rights movement.

Playtime Fun

Second only to recess and lunch, playtime is one of our favorite times of day! Here are a few pictures of the kids building, creating and pretending. Today was a pretty exciting day in the kitchen because the kids got to play with some new cleaning toys and a new chair I was able to buy for the class using some of the Target gift cards I got from some of you for the holidays.

Spring Party and Valentine Cards and Bags

Spring Party and Valentine Cards and Bags

Our last class party is February 14th at 2:30 to celebrate Valentine’s Day and Spring! Your child will need a plain solid colored gift bag to decorate the morning of the 14th. We will use this bag as a “mailbox” for the children to deliver their valentine cards to their friends. About 8×10 inches is a good size-big enough to hold the cards but small enough for the kids to manage. Your child may also bring valentine cards. Cards are optional but all children will need a bag. If you choose to send cards- please do a card for every child in our class. We will decorate bags and pass out cards before the party starts so please send all bags and cards with your child the morning of the 14th.
Thank you for your help!

Here is a list of children in our class:
Emma B.
Emma Y.

Reading Sacks Coming Home Tuesdays and Thursdays!

The reading sack includes all the books your child has read and practiced during our small group reading instruction. These are books your child can read independently with only a few challenging words or parts. Your child should be very comfortable reading these books by the time they bring them home. You will notice that most of the books will be the same with one or two books rotating in or out each week.
Rereading books is an important part of improving as a reader. Rereading helps children memorize sight words, practice reading fluently, build confidence, and focus on remembering and retelling the book.

What to Do with the Reading Sack
Your child will bring the reading sack home Tuesdays and Thursdays. The books and the sack MUST be returned the following day so we can use the books during our small group reading time. These books are school property and if they are lost at home I will not be able to send more books home with your child. Please use these books as part of your 15 minutes of daily reading and record on the reading log.

You can have your child practice the books independently or read them aloud to you or both. If your child gets stuck on a word or makes a mistake, try the following questions/prompts to help them figure out the word independently:
Did that make sense?
Is that a sight word?
Can you tap it?
Look at the picture.
Say the beginning sound.
Go back to the beginning of the sentence and reread.
Try to prompt your child before telling them the word to build independence.

After reading, discuss the book with your child. Practice making connections by asking, “What did this book make you think of?”, or “Do you have any connections to the book?”. Then ask your child to retell the story events to you in order. If your child is unable to remember what they have read, please have them reread the story and try again to retell.

Happy Reading!

Spelling Bee Winners

We are so proud of our top spellers on our classroom spelling bee! All the kids have learned so much about spelling- your child’s paper will be in their folder on Friday so you can see how they did.

Our first place speller is Quinn Butcher!

Our second place speller is Colby Gilbert!

Congratulations spellers!

Here is the class with our top 2 spellers!

Learning Lately

Reading- We continued working on letter formation of capital letters. I am starting to hold the kids accountable for letter formation and neat handwriting since we have had lots of practice now. We also worked on using “tapping” to help us say each sound and blend them together to read words. We are working on reading simple consonant-vowel-consonant words like mop or rug. We continued practicing reading sight words and playing games in which we break sounds in words apart and put them together in various ways. We also worked on making predictions before reading.

Writing- We are going to wrap up our personal narrative unit this month. We are working making sure our writing includes a neat picture with details, labels and a sentence that matches the picture. Writing words and sentences is a big leap for the kids and they are working hard to master this skill.

Math- We continued to practice shape names and attributes by finding shapes around the school. We worked hard on teen numbers this week by counting, recognizing numerals and building our teen numbers with a group of ten and extra ones.

Science and Social Studies- Our cool tool was about kindness. We enjoyed a mystery science video about how glass is made. We also read about wants and needs. We learned about winter and made our winter mural in the classroom.

Spelling Bee

The kids worked so hard on our spelling bee today! It is a big challenge to spell 25 words, stay focused, and stay quiet the whole time. I am so proud of each student. We talked a lot about doing our best and being proud of all we have learned so far this year. We also talked about how we can be proud of doing our best and happy for the top two spellers in the class. This is a bit of a mind bend for kids this age because the nature of a spelling bee is to eliminate spellers until you get to the top speller. We generally avoid competition and encourage collaboration and making growth and progress in our class but the kids handled the spelling bee very well. I will send their papers home in the next few weeks so you can see how your child did and know which words they still need to practice. For now, the winners are a secret but we will celebrate the top two spellers at our January Citizen of the Month assembly. If your child is a top speller I will email you so you can attend the assembly.if

Classroom Raffle Basket

PTA’s big circus is coming up and we need your help. Each class creates a themed basket for the raffle filled with fun items donated by families. Our theme is Go Outside and Play! Our room parents and I have purchased an awesome wagon to serve as the basket. Please consider donating an item to help with the wagon. Here is a link to a sign up if you would like to donate.Click here to sign up!


By now, the kids have most likely given you the awesome paintings the made as a gift to their families. I had to wait to post about this so I didn’t ruin the surprise. They had so much fun making them and I enjoyed seeing their creativity and focus to make something special for you! We took 3 days to complete them. Day 1 we painted the background, day 2 we painted the subject of the painting, and day 3 we used sharpie to outline and add details. Hope you love the paintings as much as the kids loved making them.