Helping Kids in Texas

Today we talked about our school-wide supply drive and why it is important to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey! We learned more about Hurricane Harvey and how we can help at the Monday meeting.

We talked more in our classroom about the supply drive. Please see the note in Friday folders for a complete list of items needed. Kindergarten is in charge of bringing in packages of children’s socks by September 18th.

We also made cards to help our new friends know we care about them. We are planning to have a year long partnership with a school in the Houston area. Hopefully these cards are the start of a special friendship.

Learning Lately

Here is what we have been learning lately…

Reading: We practiced the names, sounds, and formation of the letters t, b, and f. We learned about sentences and practiced pointing at each word as we read. We also learned about the many literacy work stations the kids will participate in to help them become better readers and writers.


Writing: We practiced people this week. We looked at the shape of each part of the body, drew those shapes, and added details like hair, clothing, and ears. We also learned that writing is telling a story using paper, crayons and other tools instead of using our voices.


Math: We made collections of the numbers 0-4, and explored where numbers are used all around us. We practiced counting as well.

Science and Social Studies: We learned about germs and proper hand washing this week. We continue working on school social skills the children need throughout the day like voice levels for certain activities, taking turns, and raising hands.



From Classroom to School Home

The kids have been hard at working creating and making as they are inclined to do at this age. Our classroom is gradually transforming from just a classroom to our home away from home. You might have noticed when you first visited our classroom it was a bit empty. It probably seemed incomplete. At least that is what I was going for. I intentionally leave space for the kids to make the classroom theirs. Literally and figuratively the classroom is not complete until each child arrives. For more on how bare walls show kids their are important click here.

Here are some photos of how the kids have contributed so far.

Our Hopes and Dreams display. You helped with this too!

Name collages…

And self portraits!

Our room is becoming colorful, beautiful, though provoking, and whimsical, just like the little people who live here for a little while.


Mrs. Lynn (Our school nurse) got a jump on cold and flu season by visiting our class to teach us about germs, hand washing, and ways to avoid spreading germs!

We learned that germs are so tiny we cannot see them without a microscope. Some germs help us and some germs make us sick. We try to keep germs to ourself by coughing or sneezing in our elbow and washing our hands. We learned how to wash our hands and when to wash our hands.

We did a science experiment with some pretend germs that show up under a black light. The kids did their best hand washing to see if they were able to get the pretend germs off. We learned that washing our hands well will help wash away the real germs, even if we can’t see them.

Ocean Celebration!

Today we celebrated wonderful behavior with a celebration! We have been noticing when the class makes helpful choices and keeping track of those choices with a ten frame and stickers. Our goal was to earn 10 stickers to fill each box on the 10 frame. We have had a lot of great math talks when counting how many stickers we have and how many we still need to get to 10. 

Today we enjoyed a story called the Rainbow Fish and used paper plates, paint, jewels, and googly eyes to make our own colorful fish.

We sang songs like Baby Shark and Down by the Bay.

We did a science experiment and mixed our own bubble solution with soap and water. We tested it outside and had tons of fun playing.

We also enjoyed popsicles! Yum!

All in all it was a fun day! I love to use celebrations as an excuse to learn about something we don’t usually have time for. I like to incorporate the arts or science and give the kids a different sort of day. It sends the kids a great message to celebrate learning with more learning!

Homework in Kindergarten

Homework begins this Friday (9/1). Homework is the daily reading log. Please read  a minimum of 15 minutes with your child Monday-Thursday and record on the reading log. The reading log will be collected at the end of each month. If you miss a night, please try to make up the time another night. Extra reading is always encouraged!

Math and alphabet resources will also be sent home each week. These are optional activities and do not need to be returned to school. Please use your judgement of your child’s needs to determine how much time you spend on the additional math and alphabet activities.

Important Dates for September

I am hopeful that this is a complete list of September dates and that you can use this as a resource whenever you need it. If other dates come up, I will do an additional post.

  • September 1st- Reading Logs begin (more info. to come in a separate post)
  • September 4th- No School for Labor Day
  • September 5th- PTA Fundraiser begins
  • September 7th- PTA Meeting 6:30-7:30
  • September 28th- Book Orders Due
  • September 22nd- Weekly Behavior Checklists Begin (This date is tentative. More information will be provided about what the checklists are closer to time.)
  • September 29th- September Reading Logs due and October Reading Logs come home