Learning Lately

Reading: We worked on predicting what might happen in the story using the title and the cover for clues. We practiced predicting in a complete sentence by saying “I predict…”. We also practiced sight words like and, in, we, and will. We also worked on building our routines for reading groups. Now that the kids can work (semi) independently in stations, I will be meeting with the children regularly in a small group to build the specific reading skills they need.

Writing: We worked so hard preparing our Hero writing. It will be on display for parent teacher conferences and Heroes’ Day.

Math: We worked on number formation quite a bit this week. We also worked on comparing the length of objects and sorting them into groups of longer and shorter. We continued our work with counting as well.

Science and Social Studies: We worked on our hero’s project for social studies and discussed our heroes and how they are helpful in our lives.


November Dates

November 3rd- Progress Reports sent home.

November 6th and 9th-Parent Teacher Conferences

November 10th- No School

November 13th-Heroes’ Day 9-9:30 Assembly, 9:30-10 Classroom activities. Grandparents, parents, or special friends are invited!

November 17th- Book Orders due. (There will be no book orders in December.)

November 22nd- 24th- No School for Thanksgiving break

November 30th- Reading Logs Due

Fall Party Fun

We had a wonderful fall party! Thank you so much to our room parents Melissa, Julia, and Lesley for organizing the party and to all the parents who were able to attend or send supplies!

We played pumpkin bowling and ate lots of yummy treats! The room was decorated beautifully and the kids got lots of goodies to take home!

Here are a few pictures of the fun!

Human Body Study: Day 5

Today was an exciting end to our human body with Mrs. Fitch! We read the end of the story about the broken arm.

In the story the child got a cast. The kids then got to design their own case that was comfortable, strong, light, and water resistant. They brainstormed ideas and drew their designs.

Mrs. Fitch showed the kids the materials they would have to make the cast and they drew another idea. They shared their ideas with their table.

Working together is a little tricky so we practiced how to share ideas.

The groups got to work building their casts.

The kids shared their finished casts with the class.

Human Body Study: Day 4

Today we investigated why our hands have so many bones. We used our skills as scientists for our experiment.

We tried to put as many legos onto a lego base as we could in 30 seconds. Then the teachers taped the kids fingers so they couldn’t bend much as if we had only one bone in our finger rather than 3, or two in our thumb. The kids had another 30 seconds to put on as many legos as possible with their taped fingers. We compared the numbers and found that most kids were able to put on more legos without taped fingers. We learned it is much harder to do things if you don’t have lots of finger bones and joints that can bend.