Yummy Yogurt

Today Mrs. Dana from Nutrition Services visited our class to introduce us to healthy eating and food groups. We will be learning more about these concepts this month. Mrs. Dana also taught us how to make a yogurt parfait using 3 food groups. We also learned that your taste buds are always changing so it is good to try new foods to see if you like them even if you didn’t like them before. Thank you Mrs. Dana for the yummy treats and the great lesson!

Learning Lately

Reading: We continued practicing capital letter formation and working on neat handwriting so others can read our work. We also continued practicing reading and writing kindergarten sight words. Many children have mastered  the kindergarten words and are moving on to practicing the first grade sight words. We read non fiction books this week to help us learn new things.

Writing: We began our informational/nonfiction unit this week. We are learning to write books that teach others facts and information. Each child also chose a writing goal to focus on to improve their writing. Some children are working on writing beginning, middle, and ending sounds in words. Others are working on writing a sentence with word spaces and others are working on beginning each sentence with a capital letter and ending it with a punctuation mark.

Math: We continued practicing counting, writing numbers, and identifying numbers. We focused on the plus symbol this week-it’s meaning and how to use it with the equals symbol to write a number model. We played fun games to practicing adding numbers.

Science and Social Studies: We focused on kindness this week and enjoyed making cards for our buddy classes. We also began our nutrition unit with a special lesson from the Nutrition Services Dept.

100 Days of Learning

Today we celebrated 100 days of learning in kindergarten! The kids looked great dressed up like they were 100 years old. Such cute old people!

We made art by turning 100 into something!

We exercised to 100 by doing 10 exercises 10 times!

We looked at our 100 collections and discussed what we noticed about them. It was tricky to figure out why some collections looked big and others looked small even though they all were 100.

We made 100 cereal necklaces! Yum!

We also played roll to 100! It was a fun day!

February Dates

February 2nd- Yearbook orders due

February 2nd- Matching Colors Day- Wear red to match our buddy classes!

February 5th- No School for a teacher work day

February 9th- 2nd Trimester Reports sent home

February 9th- Career Day- Dress as what you want to be when you grow up!

February 9th- Items for Classroom basket due

February 12 and February 15th- Parent teacher conferences(times will be the same as the 1st trimester and I will send a reminder note home soon)

February 14th- Spring and Valentine’s Party at 2:30

February 16th- No school for Parent teacher conferences

February 19th- No school for President’s Day

February 23- 6 Flags Reading Logs due

February 24th-PTA Circus

February 28th- Field trip to Daniel Boone Regional Library ( More information to come- The children will not need lunches and we will not take parent volunteers due to limited space.)

February 28th February Reading Logs due


Breakfast and Puzzle Day and Makers’ Space…Oh My!

Thank you everyone for coming to our Brown Bag Breakfast! It was great to see everyone! I hope you enjoyed the special time with your child and seeing what they have been working on in writing!

Today is also puzzle day and the kids had fun being problem solvers!

We also visited Mrs. Fitch in the library for Makers’ Space! The kids had craft and building materials to creat with. Mrs. Fitch also taught the children who were interested about Ozobots which are little robots you can program by Darwin’s a path for them and using different sequences of colors to program the Ozobots to move different ways.

Learning Lately

Reading: We continue to practice capital letter formation and review lower case formation. I am emphasizing neatness and proper letter formation. The easier and more automatic this gets for the kids the easier it will be for them to write sentences, spell words, as well as be creative with the stories they write. We continued to practice tapping to read words we don’t know. We learned about “schema” (what we know) and how reading is one of the many ways we can learn new things. We also began reading non fiction books to help us learn. In small reading groups we practiced a variety of reading strategies as well as asking ourselves, “Does this make sense?” and “Does this look right?”

Writing: We had free choice writing this week. The kids enjoyed choosing the genre of writing they would like to do. We had many personal narratives, pretend stories, and teaching books written this week. I also introduced the idea of having a goal in writing and how that can help you improve as a writer. The kids chose a goal from a list of 3 to focus on over the next few weeks.

Math: We are working hard on teen numbers making sure all children can recognize and name them as well as building an understanding of teen numbers and their quantity. We learned about the equal and plus symbol as well.

Science and Social Studies: We focused on being a problem solver this week.


Spring Party and Valentine Cards and Bags

Our last class party is February 14th at 2:30 to celebrate Valentine’s Day and Spring!  Your child will need a plain solid colored gift bag to decorate the morning of the 14th. We will use this bag  as a “mailbox” for the children to deliver their valentine cards to their friends. About 8×10 inches is a good size-big enough to hold the cards but small enough for the kids to manage. Your child may also bring a valentine cards. Please send a card for every student. (See class list below.)The cards are totally optional but every child will need a bag to decorate. We will decorate bags and pass out cards before the party starts so please send all bags and cards with your child the morning of the 14th.

Thank you for your help!


Here is a list of children in our class: