School Supplies

Below is a message about school supplies from Brooke, one of our BEU parents.
I am providing a service for parents to buy all their child’s school supplies online and they can pick them up at Meet the Teacher Night in August. The supplies will be “teacher approved.” To me; this means they will be Ticonderoga pencils, Crayola and Elmers. This company will also guarantee the supplies for the entire school year. For example, if you open some glue sticks and they are dried out; EPI will ship you new ones. This is a small fundraiser for the Outreach Committee. This will help build the extra supply closet so you won’t have to purchase supplies out of your own pocket. We also help buy snacks for kids who do not have them or birthday treats for kids who might not have them. We have done this with no budget. I am so excited to see what we can accomplish with a small budget. The best part is the prices are still right in line with shopping in the big box stores. I have attached two flyers you are welcome to share and a link to order. We also have a link to share for people that want to donate money. With these donations I can buy discounted supplies to put together packs for children at Beulah in need. I should be receiving a donation of 48 backpacks soon and my goal is to get enough donations to fill those up. Last year we were able to fill over 60 backpacks for BEU students. If you know a student that could benefit could you please encourage their parents and/or guardians to email Barb so she can put them on her recipient list that is kept confidential.

I will have some extra packs to sell on hand for incoming 2019 kindergarten parents.




Please reach out to me with any questions you might have.
Thank you for your time!
Brooke McCarty

Kindergarten Celebration

We had a wonderful celebration! Thank you so much for coming to celebrate our amazing kindergarten year and our awesome kindergarteners…I mean first graders!

Here are a few photos from the fun!

Then and Now…Wow!

This week the kids made growth portfolios! These portfolios show a small part of your child’s growth and learning this year. Please take some time to look through them with your child and reflect on all they have accomplished. The kids are remarkable!

The portfolios will be in their kindergarten memories bag which they are bringing home today. There are also a lot of other fun things in the bag your child will love showing you!

3rd Grade Buddies

We enjoyed a final activity with our 3rd grade buddies. We had popsicles on the playground and then shared the writing we have been working on. We shared a graphic novel and they shared their memory books. The kids talked about what they like pd about their partner’s writing and what they could work on to make it even better!

Kindergarten Cares for Columbia Manor

Wow, we had an amazing service project this year. The kids learn a lot and spread a lot of joy in the process of completing this project. Our books and place mats helped the kids practice reading and writing skills. Our penny drive gave us a chance to apply counting and money skills. The kids worked hard with Ms. Martin to perfect a wonderful concert to perform as well.
We ended up spending about $438 on snacks, games, and baskets/tissue paper to set up our gift baskets for them. We spend about $70 to get shirts to tie dye as a gift for all the residents and the remaining $130 went to a gift card to Little Caesar’s so Columbia manor can have a pizza party.