Beautiful Oops

Today we enjoyed the book Beautiful Oops. We learned a stain or a drip or a rip when we are making something is a chance to be creative and be a problem solver. If we make an “Oops” we can turn it into a beautiful oops. Then we made paintings on mini canvases. These canvases will hang in each child’s cubby. 

Friends and Family Display

Some of the most important members of our school community are our friends and family!  The children will have an opportunity to share photos of their family and friends with the class. We will then create a display in our classroom to show all the members of our school community! Please send one photo for your child to add to our display.  Your child may bring in 2-3 additional photos to share with the class if they would like. Please send photos of your child’s friends or family-whoever is an important influence in your child’s life.  Feel free to send a copy of your special photos as they will be taped onto our display. Please send your photo on Monday, August 28nd if you can. We will be sharing photos throughout the week so if you need to send it another day next week that will work too.

Thank you!

ST Math

We are beginning to build our academic routines not that the kids have had a few days to settle into the school day. Today we learned about a really fun math game the kids can play online called ST Math, or Spacial Temporal Math. ST Math is uniques because the pace is individualized to each student and all academic concepts are presented visually rather than with words. The kids also have to become persistent problem solvers with ST Math. Sometimes the solution is not clear at first and the kids learn to observe what is happening in the game and try a variety of approaches. 

Library Check Out!

Today was our first library check out! Our library day is Thursday. The children will need to return their library book on or before Thursday each week. They are welcome to visit the library throughout the week if they would like a new book to read. First, Mrs. Fitch taught us about caring for books with a funny video.

We enjoyed a Pigeon book next.

We toured the library and learned about reading buddies and how to check out books. 

The kids picked out books and enjoyed them around the library.

The kids sure loved checking out and reading their book!

Library Organizing 

Reading is a huge focus of kindergarten. Not only will we focus on how to read, but also why we read. We will read of the fun and joy of reading as well as read to learn. We have already set the tone to love books and reading by reading fun and silly books the first few days of school. 

Another activity we did to promote books is organizing our classroom library. This familiarized the children with how the library books are organized so they will be able to find books they find interesting! Our library is organized by categories such as animals, silly stories, friendship, adventure, and science. Each basket has a label and each book that goes in that basket has a matching label.

I removed all the books from the baskets and mixed them up in advance. Then the kids helped sort the books and put them in the  correct basket. The kids had fun finding the correct baskets and also looking at many of the books in our library. Some kids got distracted from sorting because they were so interested in reading the books! Love that! My photos show how quick and excited the kids were- everyone is a blur!

First Day Fun

Happy first day of kindergarten! We learned about walking in the line, the cafeteria, and other school routines. We sang songs, read funny stories, and played. The kids decorated name tags for their seat sacks and they are beautiful! We had a great day getting to know each other! Here are some pictures of the little lovelies enjoying their day!