Learning Lately

Reading: For the rest of the school year we will continue to practice and refine our work with letter sounds, strategies for figuring out unknown words, and reading comprehension.

Writing: We continued our work on opinion writing sharing our likes and favorites, telling 3 reasons why and ending our writing. We also focused on writing all the sounds we hear, using word spaces, using capitals, and using punctuation.

Math: We continued mastering addition and subtraction this week as well as composing and decomposing numbers. We practiced counting and other basic math skills. We will spend the next few weeks making sure everyone has mastered the most important kindergarten skills to be prepared for 1st grade.

Science and Social Studies: We focused on weather and living and nonliving concepts by learning about spring!

This is the last learning lately post of the year as the next few weeks will be focused on reviewing and mastering kindergarten skills I have already written to you about.


We really enjoyed our trip to the planetarium today! Before we left we listened to the solar system song to get thinking about space!

We made a list of things we already knew about space.

The planetarium is so dim and dark that I did not take any pictures of the trip itself but the kids really enjoyed learning about constellations, stars, and planets! After we returned to school we made our own drawing of space and hung them on the ceiling!

Service Learning Update

We had a wonderful morning decorating clipboards for our friends at Kohfeldt Elementary! The kids worked hard to type and cut out sight words to decorate the clipboards as well as adding colorful letters, pictures of book covers, as well as our mascot and Kohfeldt’s mascot. The kids also wrote friendship notes to attach to the clipboards.

Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who helped make this activity run smoothly!

Milkweed Update

Our milkweed experiment has been fascinating! Some of the seeds we planted have grown and others have not. But for some reason a seed that feel in the extra soil tub and was not watered grew, and the extra seeds I left in a ziplock with a damp paper towel away from the window grew a lot!

We attempted to transplant sprouts from the paper towels to see if they would continue to grow.

Learning Lately

Reading: We continued our work with story elements this week as well as practicing retelling a story after we read. We learned to tell the story events in order and to use characters names and other words and details from the story. We continued practicing sight words as well as reading and spelling words with digraphs.

Writing: We wrote opinion pieces this week using the sentence I like____ because____. We are working on telling our opinion as well as three reasons. We are still working on neat handwriting, word spaces, capitals, punctuation, and using our best spelling.

Math: We continued to practice attributes and names of 3D shapes as well as understanding the difference between 2D and 3D shapes. We wrote number stories as well as playing a variety of games to help us practice addition and subtraction.

Science and Social Studies: Our cool tool this week was about test taking strategies. For science we continued to observe the progress of our milkweed plants. We also have been reading about weather and observing it each day.