Service Learning Video

Here is a video summing up our service learning project. Thank you to everyone for all their help and support to make this project possible! And thank you to the kindergarten students who gave up some recess time to help me record the video and audio clips!

Force and Motion Day 3-4

We continued exploring pushes and pulls with a variety of stations. The kids got a lot of hands on experience in how forces work. We applied all we learned about pushed and pulls to design a way to move a pile of rocks up a ramp to clear space for a new swing set. The kids used boxes, tape, string and paper to move wooden blocks (our pretend rocks).

Force and Motion Day 1-2

We are having so much fun exploring force and motion with Mrs. Fitch. So far we have learned about how pushes and pulls can move objects, gravity, and friction. We spent lots of time exploring, predicting, and discussing our discoveries with friends and as a class.

HyVee Trip

We had a great time visiting HyVee this morning to learn about nutrition! We learned about food groups, types of food that are healthy, types of food that are treats and we also got to see some special rooms like the freezer rooms. HyVee also gave us some foods to take back to school to enjoy!

Thank You Everyone

Thank you everyone for the beautiful rug for the class library! It was so kind and thoughtful of everyone to contribute! I know our room parents have also done much behind the scenes coordinating to get the rug purchased. Thank you again everyone for your kindness and generosity!

Tie Dye

The week of May 14th each kindergartener will have the opportunity to make a blue and green tie-dyed t-shirt to wear on the last day of school.  The only thing needed is a white t-shirt.  (Many craft stores are having specials on these types of t-shirts or provide weekly coupons in their ads.)  All of the other supplies will be provided along with the washing of the t-shirts. The t-shirts will be at school ready to wear on the last day of school, Tuesday, May 22. Please make sure to bring your t-shirt to school by Friday, May 11th with your child’s name in the collar.