Writing Celebration!

Today we celebrated our hard work writing our “how to” books. The children had the opportunity to read their books to other children as well as give and receive compliments about their writing.

Then we learned how to make a fruit pizza. The kids followed the steps to make their own. Yum!



Birthday Celebrations- Montessori Style

“A trip around the sun, a trip around the sun, it takes a year for the Earth to make a trip around the sun”

We sing the above song for each child to celebrate their day of birth. One student pretends to be the sun and the birthday child hold a model of the earth and travels around the sun while we all sing “A Trip Around the Sun”. The birthday child makes one trip around the sun for each year of their life.

It is a fun way to help the kids conceptualize concepts of time.

It is a nice way for a child to get a little extra love and attention from our class in honor of their birth and life.


Fun from the Recycling Bin

The kids found some fun in the recycling bin. They found some bingo boards from the spring party, grabbed some counters from the math shelf and created their own playtime activity. I was so impressed with the way the kids organized their own game and even took turns being the caller. We have some leaders in our class!


How To Books

The kindergarteners have been working hard to finish their “how to” books this week. We learned to tell about our topic step by step and give each step a number. We also have been working on drawing diagrams in our books. We used diagrams in other books we have read to help us learn what they could look like in our own books.


Learning about Germs

We learned about germs today as part of our ongoing health unit. We read a book and learned that germs are so tiny we can’t seem them, germs are everywhere, and that some germs can make us sick. We learned how germs can get into our bodies and how to keep them out. We acted out using tissues, coughing into our elbows and washing our hands.
The kids made posters to teach facts about germs.



Some of the children hung their posters around the room to remind our class about germs. Other students took their posters home to share with their families.