Learning Lately

Here are the little learners at work.

Cutting snowflakes… 

Making kites and airplanes. TBTO (to be thrown outside) 

Exploring force and motion… 

Composing and decomposing numbers… 

Being 3 peas in a pod…


It has been a busy week!


Book Making

Mrs. Cardetti (from the gifted program) visited our class for a special creativity lesson. The kids created books from a variety of materials like paper bags, cotton, balls, feathers, and stickers. The type of materials each kid had made them think creatively to make a book that made sense.


 Thank you Mrs. Cardetti! 

Learning Lately

“Education is a natural process carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment.”-Maria Montessori

(Excerpt From: McTamaney, Catherine. “The Tao Of Montessori.” iUniverse, 1969-12-31. iBooks.)

Here are the little human individuals experiencing… Learning… 


Force and Motion: Applying our Knowledge

The children have participated in a series of explorations to discover the properties of force and motion. We have learned about pushes, pulls, ramps, and gravity. Today the kids played on the playground while thinking like scientists. Their job was to figure out how pushes, pulls, and gravity are used to play. 

Our super smart little scientists recorded their findings by making diagrams. 


Can you make Peep move without touching him?

We continued our investigation of force and motion by using what we know about pushes and pulls to answer the above question. To clarify, Peep is a little bird from a math and science video series. We made our own Peeps from tissue paper.

We began by watching “Whatchamicallit” in which Peep and his friends discover a ramp and slide down it. 

We made our own Peeps and ramps with tissue paper and paper towel rolls cut in half. 

The kids investigated how they could make their Peep move without touching him. 

We defined blowing on Peep as kind of touching Peep with our air and researched alternative methods. We learned that steepness effects if Peep will move and steeper is better.  

We learned that Peep will go down the ramp but not up. 

Zander figured out how to use the air from the a/c to make his Peep go up the ramp. 

We drew diagrams to document our discoveries. We drew things we found out worked but also things we found out didn’t work. All discoveries are valuable! 


Thank you 3rd Grade Buddies!

Our class collaborated with Mrs. Helmuth’s class today to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday. 

They prepared many special activities such as making a book and coloring, using QR codes to access videos of Dr. Seuss books, and playing games. They also shared a snack with us 

We had a great time! Thank you third grade buddies!

Non Fiction Exploration

We have been learning all about nonfiction books! We defined non fiction as something that tells you facts and information. Our definition of fiction is something that tells you a story and has characters, a setting, a problem and solution. 

We have been expanding our understanding of non fiction by examining the conventions or features of non fiction such as photographs, table of contents, headings, captions, diagrams, and types of print. We worked together to name and notice these conventions together in books. Then the kids got a chance to explore non fiction books on their own and see which conventions they could find. 


Conference Reminders

Parent teacher conferences are tomorrow evening(2/25) and Friday (2/26) morning. There is no school on Friday the 26th. I am looking forward to talking with you about your child’s progress and sharing their work. Please call the Russell office if you are unsure of your time or need to reschedule. I will not send weekly checklists or Friday folder notes this week since I will be sharing similar information at conferences. See you soon!

How-to Books

We have recently completed writing a non fiction focused peice of writing called a how to book. Writing a how to book has challenged the kids in many ways. They broke down a task sequentially by explaining it to a friend. They planned the words and pictures they would need to put on each page to explain the task. They numbered each step. They drew a picture that showed each step and attempted to add a sentence that matched each picture. They worked hard spell sight words correctly and stretch out unknown words. The kids added puncuation to the end of their sentences. They worked on their books over the course of the week, rereading and adding more each day.

Here are a few photos of books in progress. I will be sharing your child’s book at parent teacher conferences.