Penny Drive to Benefit Kohfeldt Elementary

Beulah Ralph’s school wide service learning project this year is to help Kohfeldt Elementary in Texas, which was affected by the hurricane.  Kindergarten is partnered with the kindergarten classes at Kohfeldt.  Our goal is to raise money through a penny drive.  Kindergarten teachers at Kohfeldt have requested that we provide classroom supplies.   We have decided we will be decorating clipboards for the kindergarten students.  We would like to also provide the teachers with a gift card to purchase items for their daily centers. We will be involving the kindergarten students each step of the way and incorporating reading, writing, fine motor and math skills to complete this project.

In order to raise funds for these clipboards and gift cards we are having a penny drive.  Our penny drive will begin on Monday, January 16 and will end on March 23 before spring break.  

Feel free to send in any donations (checks made payable to CPS, cash, change besides pennies) in addition to your pennies. The children will be participating in counting and totaling our donation. We would like to have lots of pennies so all kindergarteners can help participate in counting our donation!

Thank you for your help with our Penny Drive!