Room for Us All

When you walk into our classroom the first day of school you might notice the soft colors and simplicity of a Montessori classroom. A little sparse with just a few decorations, the books and materials for learning stand out and beg to be used. 

When you walk into our classroom you might notice whimsical artwork and special places to work from the Reggio Emilia classroom. The creations of the learners are the main visuals and make the space feel like a studio.

When you walk in to our classroom on the first day of kindergarten, you might notice (and I hope you do) that the space feels just a bit empty and incomplete. Because it is. Teachers spend tons of time and love preparing the room for the kids. But despite our best efforts, the rooms are a little empty without our learners. 

The kids complete the classroom. They make our space for learning vibrant and alive. And because I cherish learning together with the kids I edit the space. I hold back projects that we can do together over the first few days to make this space truly OUR space. 

I leave things a little empty to send the message that there is room for everyone here. 

When you walk into our classroom on the first day of kindergarten, I hope you notice a little empty space here or there and smile as you imagine your child making their mark.

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