Space Learning Party

Last we met our Behavin’ Raven goal of 21 and today we celebrated with our first learning party! Behavin’ Ravens are small slips of paper teachers pass out when they notice students following our school rules: safe, respectful, learner. Our class has learning parties when we reach our goals as a fun way to do projects and learn about topics the kids are interested in. I love digressing from our normal curriculum and enriching our day to day with something special. 

Many of the kids are interested in space so that was the theme of our learning party today.

We began by watching a silly video of NASA  scientists sing and dancing. We read a variety of fiction and nonfiction books.

We created our own fictional solar system. 

The kids invented their own planets based on what we learned about the planets in our solar system.

Our name rockets soared to the sky and gave us good practice with counting, letters, and fine motor skills. 

We made a galaxy in a bottle with water, food coloring, and baby oil. We will keep it at our safe seat to use to help us calm down. 

We got super creative and used shapes to create our own silly aliens. What could life on other planets be like? 

The kids were very creative! All in all a very fun day!

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