Spelling Bee

The kids worked so hard on our spelling bee today! It is a big challenge to spell 25 words, stay focused, and stay quiet the whole time. I am so proud of each student. We talked a lot about doing our best and being proud of all we have learned so far this year. We also talked about how we can be proud of doing our best and happy for the top two spellers in the class. This is a bit of a mind bend for kids this age because the nature of a spelling bee is to eliminate spellers until you get to the top speller. We generally avoid competition and encourage collaboration and making growth and progress in our class but the kids handled the spelling bee very well. I will send their papers home in the next few weeks so you can see how your child did and know which words they still need to practice. For now, the winners are a secret but we will celebrate the top two spellers at our January Citizen of the Month assembly. If your child is a top speller I will email you so you can attend the assembly.if