Talking to Your Kids about Race and Racism

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Those of us lucky enough to have kids in our lives have a constant source of inspiration. Kids are naturally curious, question asking, loving, open-hearted, emotional, and deeply concerned with what is fair and what is just.

It can be really hard to look these lovely tiny humans in the eyes and talk to them about race and racism. We don’t want them to know how the world may treat them if they have black or brown skin. If they are white, we don’t want them to know the atrocities that are part of the legacy of white supremacy. We don’t want them to know about our own issues, bias, and limitations.

I cannot overemphasize how important to do your own work and grow as an individual if you are a parent or teacher guiding children in how to be a human and how to be anti racist. So if you are reading, listening, feeling your feelings, donating, following/joining organizations, writing, protesting, or thinking, you are doing the work! Each person’s work will look different. Do what feels right and keep trying!

Here is a video for parents about talking about racism with their kids. This also is helpful for my fellow teachers to watch. To follow up, I would recommend following The Conscious Kid, Ibram Kendi, and Diverse Reads. I would also recommend reading the chapter on how racism in NurtureShock by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman. The rest of the book is also fascinating!

I would also recommend watching this video from The Tutu Teacher that she made for her kinders defining racism, how kids can help, and reading a kid friendly story, Let’s Talk about Race by Julius Lester.  Watch it with your child and see what they think!

Wishing you well as always!

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