Teacher Inspiration~ DIY Table Organizers

Here is an idea for customized tubs to organize student supplies when you don’t have desks or cubbies to keep them in. I created these to house the materials I wanted to keep at my students finger tips. For us in kindergarten we needed bags of crayons and two sets of folders. Other supplies like glue, scissors, and markers I keep in caddies that we pull out whenever we need them.
I used:
Dish pans from Walmart
Small organizer baskets
Velcro dots

The basic concept to assemble is simple. Use Velcro dots to attach smaller containers inside the larger container to create whatever size compartments you need. The Velcro holds everything in place but is easily reattached if need be. You could use different sized and shaped baskets or even a plastic cup for pencils. It is a cheap and easy way to help keep your students organized!

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