Twinkle Twinkle Song and a Valuable Lesson in Respect

Each morning we begin our day singing the Twinkle Twinkle Song from Conscious Discipline as a way to connect with our peers. Here are the words.
Twinkle twinkle little star,
What a wonderful person you are.
With big bright eyes, nice round cheeks.
A wonderful person from head to feet.
Twinkle, twinkle little star,
What a wonderful person you are.

Singing this song to a friend helps each child both receive a kind message about themselves as well as share a kind message with another student. It sets the tone that we all are good, we all are enough and we all believe in each other.
The song also incorporates actions which the kids gently tap their friends near their eyes, and on their cheeks as well as their heads and feet. These actions are another way to build a sense of connection and kindness towards other children. Each day as we get ready for our song we first ask our partner if they would like to be touched and they can say yes please or no thank you. We listen to their wishes and make sure we do what they have requested. This is a very kindergarten way to approach the topic of consent as well as respecting everyone’s bodies and boundaries. I love this build in opportunity to introduce the idea that we are all in charge of our own bodies. We need to ask others if they want to be touched and respect what they say. We also need to communicate our own needs to others.
Here is a little video of our song. If you watch carefully you will notice that one student is touching their partner after they said no thanks and their partner is speaking up and telling them again. Everyday is an opportunity for learning!

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